“Red Witch”

Editorial from Hot Rod magazine

Mark got the ’67 Camaro from veteran magazine editor, Jeff Smith. It was a pretty clean Camaro from California with a 396. Jeff had long evangelized his concept of a 3g muscle car: vintage iron that could pull 1 g in acceleration, corner, and brake hard. The concept would become Pro Touring and spawn the g-Machines genre-and Mark and Jeff were of one mind on this topic.

Along with some improvements in the front suspension geometry, Mark wanted the car to ride on Corvette ZR-1 wheels and tires. Seventeen-inch wheels are no big thing now, but they were unheard of on a first-generation Camaro in 1996. Owners of these cars will also remind you that fitting meats like these is a nightmare, between sheetmetal interference, proper ride height, wheel backspacing, and so on. Not to mention that Mark wanted the car to perform on these tires, not just sit on them. Full Story……